4 year old group at private school


Donna said: Jun 7, 2009
Donna Granda
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Jackson, NJ
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I’ve been asked to start a Suzuki program for the 4 yr olds at a private school but I’m not sure how to go about it. This will be their only lesson for the week. Usually I have my students come to a private and group lesson so this is a new thing for me.
The school director said the students can only leave their class once during the day. I was thinking of possibly having 2 children during a half hour. Most likely the parents wouldn’t be there since most of them are working so I need to limit the number of students or all I will be doing is chasing them around. :D
I just don’t know how the children will do since parent involvement is essential for the method to work.
Any ideas?

Laura said: Jun 7, 2009
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If the parents cannot be involved, I would not do Suzuki. If the class structure you mentioned is your only option and kids are only 4, then it would be better to do a general music appreciation thing (singing, rhythm and ear with Kodaly and Orff elements) than actually starting them on an instrument.

However, if there are truly only ever going to be 2 per group, maximum, you might be able to pull off something involving in instrument—but probably with limited benefits without the rest of the Suzuki ingredients.

What is the age range of this private school? Can you use the 4-year old stage to set a good foundation (e.g. general group class using Suzuki repertoire so they will become familiar), so those same kids will be ripe to take on the instrument more independently at a later age—say 6-8?

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