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Karra said: May 10, 2009
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Hi everyone,

I had something occur today that I have not dealt with before. I recieved an e mail from a mother looking for a new teacher for her son, and she went into quite a bit of detail about teacher X, with whom they had been working with for several years, and why she was now doubting this teacher’s ability to teach her son. I realize this is par for the course, but this is the first time I’ve gotten a message like that where the teacher’s name was mentioned and it was a local Suzuki teacher I know. I don’t know her well, and I know her teaching even less well, but what I have observed didn’t exactly leave the best impression. That said, I would never share such thoughts with a student, or a parent of a student, former, current, or present- to do so would be both unethical and unfair to my colleague. I called this parent anyway, expecting to have the usual initial interview, but it took far longer than usual, mainly because she was dishing dirt on the still current teacher. I didn’t know what to say, or whether or not I want to take on such a family. I figure she may have been really upset at the other teacher because they’d had the conversation about switching today, and I know emotions can fly high when that happens. How do you all respond to parents when they say not so nice things about your colleagues?

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Connie Sunday said: May 10, 2009
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My feeling is that if she will do that to her other teacher, she is apt to do the same to you. I would probably mention that to her, that fact. She needs to hear it from someone.

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Grace said: May 13, 2009
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I would stay FAR AWAY from such a parent! Yikes! :shock:

said: May 15, 2009
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I wouldnt take the pupil on. It’s just such a bad starting point and so far removed from Suzuki’s teaching phylosophy, I’d think that the Mother would probably be always a problem and I wouldnt want that stress in my life !

Karra said: May 27, 2009
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Thank you Nelly, Keroppi, and mshikibu for your feedback. It turns out I’m to be spared the task of turning this student away- they decided to stay with their current teacher. Good for me, but it makes me wonder about that poor teacher. For my part I would not want a student who so obviously didn’t appreciate my teaching.

“It may very well be music that will one day save the world”— Pablo Casals

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