SmartMusic does not support changes in violin Book 3

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said: Oct 14, 2008
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I had been told that the new release of SmartMusic (version 11) would include the changes in violin book 3. However, I have installed the new version and all the updates, and the changes are not there. I have contacted tech support and have been told they do not know when the changes will be made. If all of us who use SmartMusic would make that request, it might happen faster. Also, SAA might have some influence to get those changes implemented in the SmartMusic files.

Up until now, I have been very happy with SmartMusic and use it (with a laptop computer and good speakers) to accompany my group classes. When I customize the accompaniment, it normally follows me very well (as opposed to having to follow the computer as you do with the MIDI accompaniments). I also have a number of students who use SmartMusic at home. It is especially useful for learning things like the Bach Double; and students are also using audio files loaded into SmartMusic to help them learn orchestra music. But until the book 3 changes get made (especially for the last two pieces), I can’t recommend using the program.

Jennifer Visick said: Oct 15, 2008
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When I customize the accompaniment, it normally follows me very well (as opposed to having to follow the computer as you do with the MIDI accompaniments)

I am thinking about trying SmartMusic instead of the MIDI accompaniments for that very reason. Do you use a microphone for your own instrument only?

For the last two pieces in book 3, though, I can think of two stop-gap solutions that might work until SmartMusic is updated. Without much extra work, I think that you can use the revised bowings for the Gavotte with the old accompaniment—it seems that only one note and none of the form has been changed in the new version. You can play the Bouree unaccompanied—after all, Bach wrote it for unaccompanied cello and the music doesn’t need accompaniment to sound complete.

OR, another solution (requiring more work): I understand that teachers who use SmartMusic can create their own accompaniment files (e.g. on Finale, etc). If you have access to this feature, you could get a copy of the revised piano accompaniment for violin book 3 and create your own accompaniment file for the Bouree.

said: Oct 15, 2008
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Yes, I use the SmartMusic microphone for my violin only. I had a little trouble getting this to work well for group classes, since my laptop has a built in microphone. The folks at tech support suggested I set the microphone level very low so that it only picks up my violin (not other sounds in the room) and that seems to work very well most of the time. Before I did that, it would often jump ahead when I wanted to take a pause.

You’re right about the bowing changes not being an issue for the accompaniments. However, some of my students use the melody line in SmartMusic to practice intonation. They can record their playing along with the SmartMusic melody line, then listen to the results and hear notes they’re playing out of tune. The note changes in the last two pieces in Book 3 will not allow this use for now on those two pieces.

I also cannot use the accompaniment for group classes on the Bach Minuet, since there’s no way to add the repeats.

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