Music Mind Games—do you make your own materials?


Sarah said: Oct 7, 2008
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I’m not a teacher, but I’m posting this here as I imagine that more teachers probably use this book than parents. I’m a parent to three Suzuki kids (book 2, end of book 1, and pre-Twinkler) and I’d like to do more theory games at home. I bought Music Mind Games but I was assuming that instructions for making the materials would be in the book. Instead, it looks like the assumption is that everyone will purchase the materials. I like making my own stuff and have made a number of different games for practice so I am disappointed that there aren’t directions for the materials in the book.

Has anyone else made their own materials? I don’t want to spend $100 on flashcards and other things I can make myself unless I have to.


Meg said: Oct 14, 2008
Meg Lanfear
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Hi Sarah,

I teach Music Mind Games and have used both homemade materials and the purchased materials. The way it used to work was, you would go to Michiko’s website ( and download the materials (for a small fee…$20?) and then print them yourself. This was actually very time consuming, as you need to print certain materials on certain colors of paper. The paper she recommends is great, but pricey and if you are going to go through the trouble of printing all of these cards, you really should laminate them so they last. Also, there is the ink that your printer will consume. When all is said and done, the purchased materials are well worth it. I don’t think it is $100 to buy the whole puppy packet, which is what you would need, maybe $75?
The materials are beautiful—well made. I know that the kids prefer the cards that feel more like real playing cards (purchased materials). They all come in a little box and will last for many years as opposed to the other kind that I have actually still used, but they are now beginning to fall apart (after 1-2 years).

The games are fantastic. The website includes videos of kids playing the games. Like all good teaching methods, teacher training will help to understand the concepts more thoroughly and become a more effective teacher. Try and find a workshop to go to where you can see the games being taught if you can. Your kids can have fun then too! Good Luck!

Agnieszka said: Oct 22, 2008
Agnieszka Kowalsky
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Alexandria, VA
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I am the music mind games teacher and I would recommend going on web site and then:
1: you can print some of the materials from the web site
2: buy the already made materials.

The already made materials are REALLY nice and good quality!

If you have any more questions about the materials or the way to use them, you can email Michiko directly or email me
I will be happy to help

Agnieszka said: Oct 23, 2008
Agnieszka Kowalsky
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Alexandria, VA
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Hi Sahra, Hi Meg

I would totally recommend buying the new materials. Much better quality and much nicer!
You can also go on youtube and search for music mind games to get an idea how to play a game!
great fun!

Sue Ellen Dubbert said: Dec 12, 2009
Sue Ellen Dubbert
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Madison, WI
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hope this reply is still of use…

I am a piano teacher and began my experience with Music Mind Games by trying to make my own materials. I would recommend using PowerPoint as your palate as it is MUCH easier to manipulate than Word. Core materials such as the alphabet cards or grand staff slate are certainly a successful DIY project.

I must say that I have since purchased many of the materials out of convenience and have not been disappointed!

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