Any Suzuki Teachers that do Piano Guild Auditions?

Margy said: Sep 30, 2008
Margy Barber
Suzuki Association Member
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I’ve joined Piano Guild for the first time and plan on having about 11 or 12 of my students participate in auditions…does anyone have a compiled list of where each of our Suzuki repertoire pieces are placed in the Guild levels? (EA, EB…IA, IB, PA, etc). The syllabus only gives a handful of sample pieces with their placements…surely someone out there has been through Guild auditions and can list where our piano repertoire lands in their requirements?


Kay Taylor said: Dec 21, 2008
Kay TaylorPiano
Vancouver, WA
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I haven’t joined guild, but I have had my students do the MTNA Adjudications through my local chapter. It was an ok experience for my students as well as myself. I have discovered though, that having a more experienced Suzuki teacher, come to my studio and do Master Classes—3 students per hour is a better learning tool for myself as well as my students. I did both last year, having the second and third year students prepare for adjudications and the youngest ones just doing the master classes. I felt my students gained MORE from the master classes. The technique, vocabulary, philosophy were all the same. This year, I’m taking the funds I would have used for Auditions, to have Master Classes only . I can’t wait to have ALL of my students participate, including the very youngest ones.

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