Extensive list of “student concertos”

Connie Sunday said: Sep 13, 2008
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We’ve been compiling a list of so-called “student” concertos. If you can think of anything that needs to be added, would you let me know?

Student Concertos
Accolay: A Minor, D Minor (free pdf)
Bacewicz: Concertino
Bach: A Minor, E Major, Double, D Minor.
Bartók: Roumanian Folk Dances
Beer—Concertino: D Minor, E Minor
de Beriot: No. 1 D Major, Air Varie in D Minor, Air Varie No. 8,
Scène de Ballet
Dancla: Six Airs Varies, Solos: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 5, No. 6
Decsényi: Concertino
Drdla: Concertino A Minor
Essek: Concertino G Major
Haydn: C Major, A Major, G Major.
Huber: No. II, Op. 6, F Minor, Op. 7, No. IV, Op. 8
Kabalevsky: Concertino C Major
Küchler: D, Op. 15, G, Op. 11, B Minor, Op. 35,
Concertino in the style of Vivaldi, Op. 15 [RCM, Bk. 4]
Millies—D Major Concertino “in the style of”: Haydn, Mozart
Mokry: Concertino
Mozart: A Major, D Major, G Major
Mendelssohn, Ludwig: Student Concerto
Nardini: E Minor, A, F
Pachelbel: Canon in D, Violin and piano
Perlman, George: Indian Concertino, Israeli Concertino
Portnoff—Concertino: A Minor, E Minor
Portnoff—Russian Fantasies: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4
Rieding: A Minor, B Minor, D Major, Op. 5
D Major, Op. 25, D Major, Op. 36, E Minor, G Major
Rode: No. 7 A Minor, Op. 9, No. 8 E Minor, Op. 13.
Johan Helmich Roman: Concerto for Violin
Sanfilippo: Student Concerto
Seitz: Pupil’s Concertos—Nos. 1-5 (Complete)
Separate concerti:
No. 1 D Major, Op. 7, No. 2 G Major, Op. 13,
No. 3 G Minor, Op. 12 No. 4 D Major, Op. 15,
No. 5 D Major, Op. 22
Stamitz: G Major
Telemann: G Major
Veracini: Concerto da Chiesa ‘Coronation’
Viotti: No. 22 In A Minor, No. 23 In G Major
Vivaldi: A Minor-vl, A Minor-2 vls., D Minor-2 vls.
F -3 vls., B Minor-4 vls., G Minor, G Major
Vivaldi: D Minor; Nachez transcription, harpsichord part easy,
violin part mostly in first position
Vivaldi: Four Seasons; Complete (Violin & Piano Reduction)

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Connie Sunday said: Nov 6, 2008
Connie SundayViolin, Piano, Viola
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FYI, we did the same thing with viola concertos:


Adler: Viola Concerto
Bacewicz: Viola Concerto, (First mvmt)
Bach: Viola Concerto In C Minor, ed. Casadesus
Bainbridge: Viola Concerto
Baird: Viola Concerto
Bartók: Viola Concerto
Bowen: Viola Concerto
Bruch: Viola/clarinet Concerto
Dávid: Viola Concerto
Denisov: Concerto for 2 violas
Dittersdorf: Viola Concerto
Druckman: Viola Concerto
Elgar: Cello Concerto, trans. viola
Forsyth: Viola Concerto
Graupner: Viola (or Viola d’Amore) concerto
Gubaidulina: Concerto for 2 Violas
Handel: Viola Concerto in B Minor
Harbison: Viola Concerto
Hindemith: Viola Concerto Op.48
Hoffmeister Concerto: B-flat major, D major
Holmboe: Viola Concerto
Hovhaness: Talin for viola and strings
Nigel Keay: Viola Concerto (2000)
Martinu: Rhapsody-Concerto for Viola
Milhaud: Viola Concerto
Müller-Zürich: Viola Concerto
Nørgard: Viola Concerto
Penderecki: Viola Concerto
Rosenberg: Viola Concerto
Ruders: Viola Concerto
Schnittke: Viola Concerto
Stamitz: Viola Concerto In D, Op. 1
Telemann: Viola Concerto In G
Vanhal: Viola Concerto
Walton: Viola Concerto
Zelter: Viola Concerto

Other Advanced Viola Works
Babbitt: Composition for Violin and Piano
Bach: Six Sonatas and Partitas
Bach, Six Sonatas w/ piano: Vol. I, Vol. II
Bach: Cello Suites
Bach: Sonatas for Viola da Gamba
Bartók: Roumanian Folk Dances
Bax: Elgaic Trio
Bax: Legend
Berlioz: Harold in Italy
Bloch: Meditation and Processional
Bloch: Suite
Bloch: Suite Hebraique (Piano/Viola)
Bowen: Fantasy
Bowen: Rhapsody
Brahms: Sonata Op. 120 No. 1
Brahms: Sonata in E flat, Op. 120, No. 2
Britten: Lachrymae
Bruch: Kol Nidre, Op. 47
Bruch: Romance in F Major, Op. 85
Clarke: Passacaglia (Piano/Viola)
Enescu: Concertpiece
Fuchs: Seven Fantasy pieces Op. 57
Fuchs: Viola Sonata
Herzogenberg, von: Legenden
Hindemith: Der Schwanendreher
Hindemith: Meditation from Nobilissima Visione
Hindemith: Sonata Op. 11 No. 4
Hindemith: Sonata Op. 11 No. 5
Hindemith: Sonata Op. 25 No. 1
Hindemith: Sonata Op. 25 No. 4
Hindemith: Sonata Op. 31 No. 4
Hindemith: Trauermusik
Hummel: Fantasy for Viola and Orchestra
Joachim: Hebrew Melodies
Partos: Yizkor for Viola & Strings
Penderecki: Cadenza
Prokofiev: Four Selected Pieces from the Ballet Romeo and Juliet
Reger: Three Suites for Viola Solo Op. 131d
Roslavets: Sonata No. 2
Schubert: Sonata per Arpeggione (Viola/Piano)
Robert Schumann: Marchenbilder Op. 113
Schiff: Joycesketch
Shostakovich: Sonata (Piano/Viola)
Stravinsky: Elegie
Stravinsky: Suite for Viola and Piano
Telemann: Suite for Viola Solo
Vaughan Williams: Fantasia On Greensleeves
Vaughan Williams: Romance
Vaughan Williams: Suite for Viola and Orchestra
Vieuxtemps: Capriccio
Vieuxtemps: Elegie, Op. 30
Vieuxtemps: Viola Sonata in B flat Major
Villa-Lobos: Aria (Cantilena)—Viola And Piano
Weber: Andante & Rondo Ongarese, Op. 35

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