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said: Sep 12, 2008
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Does anyone have any recommendations for how to handle group lessons where there aren’t enough viola students to make their own group?

It seems like there are only a few choices—include them with the violins or the cellos, or just not have group lessons for viola students, or (ack!) not accept beginning viola students. (Or obviously the best solution would be to recruit more violas!)

What would you do about a single viola student, and how would this change at different levels (pre-twinkle, early book 1, etc)?

Does Carolyn McCall Meyer’s book “Group Lessons for Suzuki” have any useful suggestions about combining violins and violas in group classes?

Thanks in advance for any comments or ideas!

Laura said: Sep 12, 2008
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I’ve seen classes in which the violins play more in D major than in A major. I’m not a strings teacher, so I’m not sure about the pros and cons of that at the beginner level. (harder to play cleanly on the D string?) But at least everyone can play together.

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