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said: Aug 4, 2008
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Can any one recommend which music mind games work well for a violin group aged 5—9 ?

said: Aug 6, 2008
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I hope Michiko won’t mind me replying on this. I recently have had the pleasure to help her proofread some of her materials.

Do you already have Michiko’s book? The Music Mind Games website has been redone and should be ready soon. Along with that, she is about to release a newly done Puppy Packet in a carrying case. I am excited to purchase it and use the materials in my group classes. There is a handbook that comes along with her materials, and the handbook details several levels for using her materials (among many other things.)

For a violin group age 5-9 I would think that her First Steps would be appropriate. The First Steps include: learning the musical alphabet backwards and forwards; learning the placement of the 5 C’s on the grand staff; learning the blue jello cards and blue jello hand signs; learning names of the individual notes and rests; taking simple dictation with staff slates and magic notes; begin sightsinging with solfege and Curwen hand signs; learn music symbols using music symbols cards; study half and whole steps with sound and on the staff.

Those are the concepts. She has many games that can be played with each concept. Some of the games are ones where there is no “winner”, but students support each other and are excited to see each other complete the game. “Fine” is one of her memory games (after the musical term). One way of playing Fine is to put all the letters in the musical alphabet in order (forwards or backwards). When the student is done they say, “Fine”. Another game could be “Fix the Order”. Students can “fix the order” using the alphabet cards, the rhythm playing cards, musical symbol cards (dynamics), or tempo cards (slowest to fastest).

Another memory game is to creat a stacked snake (two rows) where students match the notes to the corresponding rests.

One of my favorite ideas is the game War, played with many of her materials. You can play War with the Alphabet cards, rhythm playing cards, notes and rests cards, and tempo cards.

There’s tons of fun stuff here! I am just waiting for the moment when I can purchase the puppy packet and use these materials in my group classes.

When her website is up and running again you can look at all the video links she has for how to play the games. They are also described in her book and on the website. You might find videos already on YouTube.

Have fun!

said: Aug 9, 2008
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Michiko’s website is now up and running again. Check out The puppy packet and all other materials are available for purchase.

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