See Saw song

Grace said: Jul 22, 2008
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Does anyone have words to “See Saw”? It’s a pre-twinkle song I learned in teacher training. It’s in 3/4 time. The open “E & A” are dotted halfs and the “1″ are quarters:

E A E A 111 111 A A

I sing “See Saw See Saw… 111 111 A A” Are there any better words? Or can anyone think of something?

Charles Krigbaum said: Jul 23, 2008
Charles KrigbaumTeacher Trainer
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See-Saw, See-Saw….

“this-is-the-way-we-play-See-Saw” are the words I’ve heard, although I no longer teach this piece and haven’t for years.

Hope this helps…I’m sure there are other words out there, too!

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Grace said: Jul 29, 2008
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thank you! Do you know any other pre-twinkle songs that just use 1 finger?

Luciana De Araujo said: Sep 2, 2008
Luciana De Araujo CaixetaViolin
São Carlos, SP, Brazil
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The Flower Song only uses 1st finger. Do you know that one?

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