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said: Sep 6, 2007
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I’m considering purchasing a subscription to the Smart Music software for my violin students, particularly the older students who need a little extra help getting their practicing done. There was a thread about a year ago on this topic and I’m wondering if anyone has had any recent experiences? How helpful have you found it with your students’ practice? Have you noticed improvement in their progress? Have you had any feedback on how your students and their parents liked it? Thanks!

Eve Weiss said: Sep 28, 2007
Suzuki Association Member
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My son uses it without his teacher’s participation.

For a twelve year old boy it certainly helps quantify and remove any practice room “arena mentality” occuring. It also includes an extensive library of non-classical and non-Suzuki repetiore.

I’d say, buy the individual license with the discount from Suzuki, try it out yourself in a disciplined way, introduce some of your students to it to make sure it will really achieve what you want it to, if you do have enough tech enabled students try to determine some context or introduction for them that will “train” them on how to use it effectively and the run with it.

I guess that means I think it is a good idea but not to be under taken lightly. Oft times a bad technology implementation results in unkown or poor result for reasons unrelated to the actual technology…

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