Program of the recital

said: Apr 25, 2006
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I am just wondering how you make a program for the recital.
All of my students will play the book 1 repertoires. Do you go by the
order of the songs in the book or start from the youngest child to the oldest?

said: Apr 25, 2006
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I like to have strong performers begin and end the recital and then put the young, wiggly kids after the first performer. I don’t like going in order of the peices in the Suzuki books since I always have multiple kids playing the same peice and I think this invites competition. I mix up the program and separate kids who are playing the same peice. Youngest to oldest is not a bad idea, though this might be a problem when there’s a younger kid playing a more advanced peice than the older kid right after them. I sort of do this as I have the older kids towards the end of the recital, but I don’t go by exact ages. I like the last peice to go out with a bang-think Allegro, Witches Dance, Vivaldi a concerto, etc.

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said: Apr 25, 2006
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Most of my students are in book 1 with a couple in book 2. At my last recital I had two students perform Twinkle Theme. One opened the program and one closed the program. In between the repertoire was mixed. The parents reacted very positively to this. I was surprized at the number of positive comments I received because I didn’t really expect any kind of reaction. They liked how things came full circle.

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