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Diane said: Apr 4, 2011
Diane AllenViolin
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Repetition practice is like a journey. I know to expect things to feel rough, uncoordinated, and awkward at first. I also know that the end result, feeling fully self expressed and coordinated through my music is well worth the process.. Therefore I proceed!

With each repetition there are lightning fast mental assessments. Troubleshooting galore! The next repetition is always approached in a different way. This isn’t mindless repetition, it’s a thoughtful mind journey. I love hearing the improvements and am now addicted to hearing change.

There is a ton of information being shared these days about repetition. Proof that 10,000 repetitions is the magic number humans need to attain exceptional mastery. Games to get kids to practice their repetitions. Even violin practicing videos here to help you make repetitions with teachers guiding you. But I’m not going to go there today.

I’m simply going to leave you with this amazing video. This is exactly what Dr. Suzuki had in mind when he studied how children learn to speak. Twin brothers having a complete conversation. They are totally engrossed in Tone, Projection, and Pitch. Even without words we understand the conversation. Listen as if you are them. Notice how they are playing with their repetitions. Changing subtle nuances although repeating over and over and over again.

Play this video for your students, children, whoever! Show this as a model. How can you use this to help you practice repetitions on the violin?

Videos of student violin recitals and violin tutorials.

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