Parents as Partners


Diane said: Jan 14, 2011
Diane AllenViolin
244 posts

I am so excited for this online event. Way more excited than the Virtual Retreat. The majority of my students’ parents are participating.

While the Virtual Retreat was a great reinforcement for me, the Parents as Partners is going to be a studio wide event. It’s going to be fun watching the 6 weeks unfold seeing and hearing the parents’ reactions.

This event has been so easy to enroll folks. $6 for 6 weeks of information that otherwise would cost each person thousands of dollars to travel to conventions and institutes. there would be a time cost as well. Hours days, weeks to accumulate what the SAA is going to share with us!

Big Smiles of Anticipation!

Videos of student violin recitals and violin tutorials.

Laurel said: Jan 15, 2011
Laurel MacCulloch
Suzuki Association Member
Langley, BC
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I can’t wait either, except—we missed the closing deadline yesterday!

So we’re on the wait list. I sure hope we can get in!


Donna Jean said: Jan 17, 2011
Donna Jean GlasgowPiano
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I have been very excited about “Parents as Partners” also! What a great idea!

Regrettably, this morning I had to send an e-mail to my parents letting them know that I missed the deadline! :( I wasn’t aware of an enrollment limit, and I thought the only repercussion to registering after the deadline was that parents would not be able to get on line until later in the week. In an effort to get more parents to participate, I deliberately delayed registering. I see now where I could have gone ahead and registered some of the parents and added more later! :oops:

I am hoping this event will be repeated in the near future, as it looks like I am pretty far down on the “wait list.” Next time, I will not miss it!

Jenny said: Jan 18, 2011
 98 posts

We’ve reopened registration until Monday, Jan 24 at 6 am (or earlier if we reach capacity). Sign up soon if you wan to!

Barb said: Jan 20, 2011
Barb Ennis
Suzuki Association Member
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Do we have to be members in order to register a studio? I went to register and was only given one option: individual at $45. :( I wanted to offer this to my parents, but can’t pay $45 for each one!

Music Teachers Helper—for individual teachers
Studio Helper—for entire music studios or schools

Jenny said: Jan 21, 2011
 98 posts

Yes, the studio option is only available to active members.

Laura said: Jan 21, 2011
Suzuki Association Member
358 posts

If I register as a studio now with a certain number of participants, do I have the option to add more parents later, for whatever additional fee? Or does the registration have to be all at once?

Sara said: Jan 23, 2011
191 posts

I am really enjoying the wide variety of information, ideas, and experiences! I really like this idea of doing it this way! It is very inspiring! I have already challenged my studio for a “listen like a maniac” month.

I only hope that next time it is done the deadline and pricing is more clear cut. That part of it was super confusing.

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