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Electric vs. Carbon Fiber Violins?


Kath Oneil said: Sep 26, 2010
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I am an adult beginner violin student (mid 40’s). I’ve been playing for about 2yrs and am about half way through Book 2. A management consultant by day, I am required to travel regularly for a week or more at a time. Given the hazzards of airplane travel, even w/a fiberglass case, I’m wary of bringing my acoustic violin with me on the road (I invested for the long haul)—I’m sure you’ve seen how things get shoved into overhead compartments! However, I would really like to be able to practice while I am away. I am considering investing in either an electric practice violin (specifically the Yamaha SV200 Silent Violin) or a carbon fiber violin by Luis & Clark. My teacher favors the latter, but it’s kind of pricey.

Do any of you have any experience w/either an electric violin and/or one of the Luis & Clark instruments? What are your thoughts? What would you recommend? Should I bight the bullet and go carbon fiber?

Any insight you could lend to my efforts would be greatly appreicated.


Karra said: Sep 29, 2010
Stockholm 113 43, Sweden
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Here’s another idea:

I own one of the cellos and have been very happy with it. The sound is much smaller than a regular instrument of course, but the tone is pleasant, and the fingerboard feels exactly like it does on a normal instrument.

“It may very well be music that will one day save the world”— Pablo Casals

Elizabeth said: Oct 6, 2010
Elizabeth Jones
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Owensboro, KY
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You would get more use out of the carbon fiber violin. You can play it in any kind of performance setting. A carbon fiber instrument is especially useful for outside performances. I have colleagues who own Luis and Clark instruments, and they really like them. They chose them primarily for ease of travel. I haven’t tried one, but the thought of having an outside instrument that still plays well is extremely appealing. That, and the black Luis and Clark just looks really cool! ;-)

Did you see the footage from the last Presidential Inauguration week? The Sunday before the actual Inauguration, the entire military orchestra (army?) was outfitted with Luis and Clark instruments. They were playing outside in REALLY cold weather. The cameras panned across this sea of black, shiny, high-tech instruments. I’m not sure what it would sound like, but it looked awesome.

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