Vote for Every Child Can Scholarships

Barb said: Aug 11, 2010
Barb Ennis
Suzuki Association Member
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Vote for Every Child Can Scholarships—

You can vote twice a day in August. The top 10 proposals will receive funds, this currently is at 29th place.

More info here:

Music Teachers Helper—for individual teachers
Studio Helper—for entire music studios or schools

Angela said: Aug 12, 2010
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York Springs, PA
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thank you Barb for posting this. please vote for ECC.

Angela Schlessman

Jeremy Chesman said: Aug 12, 2010
Jeremy Chesman
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Springfield, MO
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I’ve also noticed it’s possible to get other people to vote for us if we vote for them. Just make sure that they’re in a different category (not the $50K category). You can vote for someone, and put a comment at the bottom that it was a vote from , and they tend to vote for us. I had only been using my one vote a day (and one text a day) for ECC, but then I had 9 votes left. So I thought I’d invest those votes to encourage others to vote for us.

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