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said: Jul 28, 2010
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We used to be able to edit our own posts (or delete them if they were the last one in a thread). And in fact there is a little note in the bottom right corner of the page that still says:

You can edit your posts in this forum
You can delete your posts in this forum

But the edit and delete buttons are gone (at least for me). There’s still a little red exclamation point in the lower right corner of the post box, to report a post to the moderators. But nothing to edit/delete posts, unless I’m missing something.

If diagnosing this problem is likely to take a long time, I’d appreciate it if one of the moderators could remove the following, which I shouldn’t have posted in the first place:

Thanks … and apologies for both the post itself and the trouble.

said: Jul 28, 2010
 48 posts

Odd. The edit and delete buttons did show up for that post, perhaps because it was the only one in the thread. Let’s see if they are also present for this one.

said: Jul 28, 2010
 48 posts

OK, they’re continuing to be visible in this thread, but definitely not in any of my previous posts in any other thread. Perhaps it’s because I’m the only person who has posted in this thread so far. In any case, there seems to be something not quite right in the phpbb code.

Barb said: Aug 1, 2010
Barb Ennis
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We can edit posts immediately after posting, but at some point (next day?) that option disappears. I don’t know why.

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