. said: Apr 25, 2010
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I was thinking of upgrading my daughters violin to a gliga genova3. is this a good choice? it would have to be ordered online. do you guys recomend this or should i buy a violin from a music store?

Laura said: Apr 25, 2010
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We have only ever purchased Gligas online until this year. We have been extremely happy with them, and our teacher has always made a point to comment on how nice they sound. The tone and workmanship on these violins are exceptional for the price, particularly for the fractional size violins. They have a sweet voice, and are easy to play musically.

However, the set-up is not as good as the instrument itself. We always take it in to a local luthier to have the sound post adjusted, the bridge checked (and sometimes replaced), and the pegs checked and lubricated (they are sometimes stuck).

Two other things you might want to have done are to get a better set of strings (the standard Romanian steel strings they come with aren’t very good), and to replace the tailpiece to one with fine tuners if necessary. Both of these options are available when you order online for additional cost, but we’ve always found that it’s cheaper to have them done locally.

You should factor in an additional $60-$100 for this extra work after you receive the violin. We’ve paid the most for additional set-up on 1/32 and 1/16 size (with noticeable difference after the additional work), less so for the larger violins—but I’m not sure if this is because of the larger size, the higher model, or both.

With all costs included, it’s still a very good violin for what you are paying.

With the latest violin, we purchased locally (also a Gliga) because it was a good time for my daughter to try out different violins to see which one she preferred. I know the Gliga company is willing to let you try them out too, but I didn’t want to deal with the additional shipping costs.

said: Apr 25, 2010
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Right now in my house we have 3 Gligas (one violin and two violas) that we rented-to-own through a local shop. All have been nice instruments and one was really exceptional. That one beat out several much more expensive instruments for sound and playability in head-to-head tests. BUT…all came through a local luthier who did some serious setup work on them, so I’m not sure how they come through in their “pure” state.

Sue Hunt said: Apr 27, 2010
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I have bought several fractional violins and violas, from 1/32 to 3/4 size and have been thrilled by the lovely dark tone of some of the higher quality ones. One or two have, despite professional help, made a very poor sound. All have needed to be set up and have a new set of decent strings.

The 1/32 instruments have very narrow fingerboards and not much room in the peg boxes. This proved to be quite a challenge when I set them up for my smallest viola students (with another D string for the lowest string tuned to middle C). However, they work really well for children with very slim fingers.

Laura said: Apr 30, 2010
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Come to think of it, our 1/32 fingerboard was rather narrow. But as a non-violinist, I didn’t have much to compare it to at the time, and thought it was that way because it was so small. 1/32 is a VERY adorably-sized instrument—the cute factor is way high!

But comparatively, the fingerboard seems more substantial with the 1/16 and up.

I don’t think this was an issue for our daughter, though. I think she has narrow-ish fingers.

Teeny tiny Gligas are rather nice sounding instruments, though, compared to similarly sized ones I have heard. They are neither brash nor nasally, two qualities that make my skin crawl when hearing cheaply made fractional violins.

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