Can I apply the suzuki method to my instrument?

said: Feb 10, 2010
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Hello Music Teachers!

I am a Mandolinist in search of an answer involving suzuki enthusiasts and teachers of the suzuki method.
I am somewhat familiar with the methods framework but not the actual books or content therein. One of the reasons why i am asking the question in mind is that from the research i have done on the suzuki method is that it just is not confined to one instrument. In finding out more information about the methods used in suzuki teaching
I have recognized that ” the method” can be transferred to a number of instruments with many types of instruments similar and quite different to the other.
Here is a question , could I learn and/or teach, if privaleged, the suzuki method books, pedagogy and theories on the banjo? Why do I feel that teaching and learning the method can be applied to any instrument? Is this a true or false assumption?
I am intimately close and knowlegeable with my music weapon of choice, the mandolin, and would like to continue with the hope that other students could have the opportunity to learn if my assumption is correct. Could the suzuki method be transferred to the mandolin ? I will leave the question open to any interested forum reader or thought provoker that could be relevent to my interest to pursue the method using my instrument of choice. Please feel free to respond and thank you for your time….

Neil mandolin

Jennifer Gray said: Feb 10, 2010
Jennifer Gray
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If I’m not mistaken some work has already been done in Italy to set up a mandolin version of the Suzuki method, check the ESA site.

Sara said: Feb 26, 2010
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It seems there are no limits when it comes to Suzuki. However I’m not sure that the same literature meant for violin would work well for mandolin. I think that if one is thoroughly familiar with the instrument, then adaptation of pieces shouldn’t be too much trouble.
A chorus of mandolins would certainly be beautiful!

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said: Feb 27, 2010
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A good start would be to read “Nurtured by Love” written by Suzuki himself. And I’d get up with the closest Suzuki Teachers association and see if you could talk with an established teacher or see about taking a short workshop about the Suzuki method. Good Luck!

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