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said: Jan 10, 2010
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My 5 year old just started Suzuki piano and we have several trips planned. I am concerned about getting out of the practice habit. I am considering a portable keyboard. Any suggestions?

Ian Salmon said: Jan 11, 2010
Ian SalmonViolin, Viola
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There are many great “roll up” pianos available through various manufacturers online. However, many are junk and deliver less than they promise.

Here is a brand which I have heard great things about. They make 3 models, all with a 5 octave range, built in speaker and controls, good sound quality, precise action, and to top it off a headphone jack should your ears need a break :) I know that the price may seem a little steep (I believe they start around $69), but the frustration which can come from one of the lesser known brands may be more trouble than they are worth.



Ian Salmon
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Jennifer Visick said: Jan 15, 2010
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CONSULT YOUR TEACHER. Don’t buy a portable keyboard or a roll-up piano for serious practicing without consulting your teacher. Did I mention that you should talk to your teacher about this?

Oh yeah, don’t forget to ask your teacher what he or she recommends.

And better yet, you should find out what your teacher thinks about the best way to practice away from home!

Sorry to be repetitive, but your individual teacher really is the best resource when it comes to using something other than an actual (acoustic) instrument for practicing.

Sue Ellen said: Jan 19, 2010
Sue Ellen Dubbert
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I am a piano teacher and have several young students who frequently go on trips. I do everything I can to make sure they can do their listening while they are away. I suggest staying away from portable piano toys and consider the listening time your practice time. While “passive” listening is important, your teacher should have some tips as for ways to make the listening more “active” so it feels like practicing.

Kim said: Jan 31, 2010
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I have a 9 year old who is finishing book 3 piano. We just got a keyboard for travel. It was about $600 for a full package though. It’s full size, 88 weighted keys, and touch sensitive. It is not a perfect replacement for an accoustic piano by any means, but I think it will serve it’s purpose well. I personally wouldn’t have been comfortable with a less expensive keyboard, and actually would have liked a nicer one. The model is a Casio PX130.

However, we’ve survived almost 4 years without anything other than our cds and we travel quite a bit. I would concentrate on listening, singing, and clapping at this age. Definitely talk to your teacher for suggestions! Good luck! :D

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