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Connie Sunday said: Aug 29, 2009
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Good morning:

Both the book edition and the Kindle edition of Connie’s Violin Page are available for sale online now. Please see:





  1. Essays
    Early History of the Violin (1520-1650)
    Ornamentation in Giuseppe Tartini’s Traité des Agréments
    Francesco Geminiani The Art of Playing the Violin
    The Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61: Some 20th Century Viewpoints
    Common String Articulations
    John Cage and Merce Cunningham (1942—1992)
    Portraits of Anomaly: Nannerl Mozart, Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann

  2. Violin/Viola FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    FAQ: Learning & Techniques
    FAQ: Violin/Viola Care & Specs
    FAQ: Auditions & Gigs

  3. Guides
    Survival Guide for String Parents and Students
    Music History/Theory Guide to Studying for Placement Tests

  4. Music Education Resources
    Two Essays on the Development of Student Orchestras
    Orchestra Etiquette and Protocol
    Orchestral Discipline Administration of Postsecondary Music Departments
    Violin Pedagogy & the Adolescent Student
    Elitism versus Popularism in Music Education
    Book Review: George Leonard’s Education and Ecstasy
    Music Pre/Post Test

  5. String Teachers Questionnaire


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Connie Sunday said: Sep 2, 2009
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Looks like this is past the time I can edit this, but my book is up this morning on Amazon:

They don’t have the correct cover graphic up yet, or the link to the Kindle version, or the Contents in the description, but I guess they’re building it.

I just love that I have an ISBN number! :D


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Connie Sunday said: Sep 4, 2009
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The book is also availalbe on Mobipocket:

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Connie Sunday said: Sep 12, 2009
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We’re asking for reviews of this book, and offering prizes to the top three essays. Everyone who participates will receive a gift box. Decisions will be announced Dec. 12th.

My objective is not to sell books, but to see what players and teachers think, and edit the book accordingly before I present it to University of Indiana Press. Entrants will be provided with a postcard in December, which they will return, signed, giving up copyright to their entry. All entries will have to have a verifiable address, though a PO box will be fine. This address will not be used for any other purpose or sold!

Please see:

Contest Rules

Entry Form

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