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said: Mar 16, 2009
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There have been a few flurries of spam in the forum in the past couple of months. Does it help the moderators to have people report these posts (using the little red exclamation point tool)? Or do you generally catch them soon enough, in which case these reports are probably redundant and/or annoying?

Just curious….

Jennifer Visick said: Mar 17, 2009
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It depends. If I happen to look at the moderator control panel first, the reports help flag things down sooner rather than later. If I happen to look at the “view new posts” first, it generally doesn’t matter.

I can’t speak for the other moderators.

Connie Sunday said: Mar 17, 2009
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We should spam _them_.

I followed that link to their page, which led to a “business” which does not have a ‘bricks and mortar’ address or a phone number. So it’s very possible that it’s a scam. I left them an email telling them what for, and that they had no integrity.

Don’t use your real email address, however; use a throw away yahoo address. Sometimes you can analyze how they use it, which is that they’re selling email addresses to spammers; spammers harvest these.

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