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Connie Sunday said: Dec 9, 2008
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[I will not at all be offended if this message is deleted; I just wanted to share this with people.]

Like a lot of people, I am so sick of receiving emails, attempting to defaud me via some obvious scheme. You should never answer those emails, BTW: many of those people are hardened criminals.

However, if you click on “Full Headers” (in Yahoo mail Classic, this link as at the bottom right of the email), and then copy the header and paste it into the top of the email after hitting “Forward”, you can forward it to:

[javascript protected email address]

Which is a service associated with:


I do this probably 50-100 times a day. If your crook is phishing you with a PayPal scam, you can do the same process by forward it to:

[javascript protected email address]

PayPal is very good about following up on these, and they do close them down. Because after doing this about 1,000 times, I stopped receiving most of the PayPal scams. PayPal will send you a notice back, too, that they received your forward. The gov email doesn’t, but I’m sure they’re working on this.

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