want to teach twinkle variations in group piano lesson


said: Sep 9, 2008
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I am a parent with past piano experience (playing not teaching) and have a 6 year old son in suzuki piano for his 3rd year. I volunteered in my sons grade one class last year doing some simple music with rhythm instruments and bells. I also helped them learn a song for their christmas concert on a set of bells and accompanied them on the piano. The class loved it and always asked to hear me play the piano for them. I am hoping to do more music with them this year as a volunteer but have been trying to think of something different. I was considering teaching the class the twinkle variations on the piano. I would have access to two pianos in the school so could probably work with the kids in groups of four. I am pretty sure that my son is the only one in the class taking any kind of music lessons and it would give all the students a taste of piano. If any one has any tips for teaching the basics in a group format (and making it fun) that would be greatly appreciated…our suzuki teacher does not do group lessons. Thanks for you thoughts and ideas.

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