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David said: Sep 4, 2008
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I need some help.

My 4 year old completed a full year last yr.To my astonishment he performed twinkle at his recital. I enrolled him in summer lessons and 1 additional lesson to keep him honest. We practice every day.

This year the teacher is going to change.(problem) I was also informed of my group participants.(problem#2)

This teacher has a problem with showing up.I don’t know if she will do more harm than good.

Problem #2 is the participants in my group. One of the participants ran around the auditorium during the recital. This individual picked the easiest song and didn’t finish it. BTW, this person showed up 2x out of the 12 group sessions. I was pretty thankful for that.

The other participant is a “cut up”. He shouldn’t be in a group. This person interupts/disturbs the class. I recently had a conversation with his parents. They said he was done/ But he is coming back…. WHY? He hasn’t practiced all summer and never did a recital.

This school is getting worse.

What really hurts is that my little guy plays with these kids and will NOT show them up. When he is in a serious group. He is serious. If they all play/act up he plays/acts up around. The other 2 members of lats years group has asked to be in another class more accelerated. I don’t know if little guy is up to speed

What do I do.

Sorry for the lengthy story…

Jennifer Visick said: Sep 20, 2008
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why don’t you call the teacher and ask for a parent-teacher conference (without your child). Honestly and kindly present your concerns and ask what the teacher thinks about whether or not your child is ready for a more experienced group class. Be ready to listen to the teacher’s or director’s reasons for placing you in this group and ask if you can meet with them to evaluate how the class is working after a couple of months of trying it out.

Also, perhaps emphasizing to your child the idea of providing a good example, talking about what specific behaviors you want to see, etc. may help.

Also consider that at 4 years old, absolute seriousness in approaching the instrument is not always necessary.

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