Tascam Portable CD Trainer?

said: Dec 17, 2007
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Have any teachers or parents used this item in lessons or practicing?

If so, is it easy to use?

Thanks in advance.

Jennifer Visick said: Dec 18, 2007
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I hadn’t heard of this so I did a quick google search. The review I read seems to be favorable but leans towards being “rock band” friendly (if you know what I mean).

It seems to me that if you own (or are planning to buy) a laptop computer, you could probably do most of the same things with the (free) program “Audacity”. (Slow down the music without changing pitch, adjust the key/pitch, loop a section, record yourself, etc.) The metronome feature sounds nice but who doesn’t own a metronome already?

On the other hand this device may be easier to carry and/or easier to learn how to use, who knows? I just hate to see people buying devices that duplicate what can already be done just as well with something they already own.

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