Toyota violin robot


Grace said: Dec 10, 2007
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Have you guys seen this? We may be out of work soon! :)

Jennifer Visick said: Dec 11, 2007
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The robot does one thing I try to get my students to do: swing the left elbow when changing strings in order to re-center the frame of the hand/fingers.

However, (i can’t really tell), does it look to anyone else like the vibrato is produced by bouncing the ‘finger’ up and down on the string? Or am I imagining things…

Charles Krigbaum said: Dec 11, 2007
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That robot is freaky (but funny)!!

Notice how he plays D’s and G’s with the fourth “finger” a la cello style. What will they think of next, a violin teacher robot that tells everyone to check their bow hold?!?

Then I’d start to worry about job security…..just kidding!

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Daina Volodka Staggs said: Dec 19, 2007
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The vibrato is TOTALLY made by bouncing up and down…it has little pistons on its fingers that make the sound, and y’know what? It SOUNDS like a vibrato where the fingers are bouncing up and down! I only know this because one of my students came in saying he’d figured out how to do vibrato…and proceeded to bounce his finger up and down. I nipped it in the bud, immediately, telling him that he is NEVER to do that ever again. I also told him that we would learn vibrato as soon as he has mastered tonalization. (Crazy book 2 kid’s on musette.)

Robyn said: Jan 25, 2008
Robyn BauerViolin
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Thanks for posting this! My students will get a kick out of it…I’m sure they would just love to critique its posture and technique. Can’t argue with that Kreisler Highway, though, it keeps that bow in exactly the same spot!

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