parents giving in, giving up


Heidi said: Oct 15, 2007
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Does anyone else notice a trend among parents who are quick to give up when their child doesn’t “produce” right away? It seems to me that I see more and more parents giving in to their child’s whims of wanting to start, then wanting to quit lessons, instead of working through hard times. I also see lots of parents who want to understand everything “right now”. Like parents who know next to nothing about music want me to explain (download?) the logic of the violin fingerboard today, in one short lesson. Learning to play an instrument is hard stuff.

Thanks for letting me have a safe place to unload here. I was just wondering if there is some general generational thing happening among today’s parents.

Heidi said: Oct 17, 2007
 33 posts

Interesting. I’ll check out that book. Thanks!

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