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Keiko said: Sep 26, 2007
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If your school has a Parent Association, what functions, role, support does it offeres?

-News letters
-group E-mail account
-Parents Education
-Fund Rasing

to list a few. If you have something you really appreciate, please write a summary and your reason for appreciation.

Thank you,

Eve Weiss said: Sep 28, 2007
Suzuki Association Member
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Our parents association (of which I am now the President) offers:

Parent Support
New Parent Out Reach
Fund Raising for PA projects such as new violas, renovations, furniture
Newsletters (as soon as I can resurrect the process…)
Minutes from meetings

The school has
a reading library
a music library
an offical newsletter

A different organization offers social concert outings and performance opportunities.

I hope to add-
School family reviews of summer institutes and camps
A secured discussion board

Keiko said: Sep 29, 2007
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Thank you for your reply. It seems your PA does alot. I hope our school will have enough parents showing interest to support eachother and school/teacher….

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