Violin performance DVD recommendation to show new student

said: May 9, 2007
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First, thanks for hosting these forums. I am a new Suzuki parent and it has been a wonderful resource.

I would like to rent, buy, or borrow from the library, one or more videos of violin performances—a professional performance perhaps and ideally, a recording of Suzuki students playing. My daughter just turned 5 and started violin lessons a couple months ago. I am looking for something to inspire her to want to practice. I am trying many of the suggestions of our teacher and they do seem to work. I would like to show my daughter the long range goal. She loves watching music videos so I thought this would be practical, entertaining and educational for her.

Do you have any recommendations and/or know where to find such a thing? I did look in the Services/Product section but did not see what I was looking for.


Jennifer Visick said: May 10, 2007
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Perhaps Shar will have a better selection.

You could also try southwest strings

Also, see if your teacher has anything you could borrow!

said: May 10, 2007
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Another idea is to look on youtube. I feel like my 6 year old is sometimes discouraged because her older sister plays much better than her. On youtube, she is able to see other beginners as well as older children and adults of varying skill levels. Some parents have actually been recording their child for years, and you can see the progress by watching the clips in order.

We have also taken the girls to our local university (where my husband is a prof.). They have free concerts. Since both girls also do fiddling, we even went to an Irish music night featuring two female fiddlers.

said: May 10, 2007
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I will keep looking for some professional concert videos but the YouTube was a jackpot for us today.

I take off work for her lesson and we usually get to eat lunch together before the lesson. We watched several of students who were just beginning to learn to play and several of group lessons and concerts. She was pretty amazed to hear the same music that she has been learning.

She had her best lesson ever today. Almost 20 fully attentive minutes and she didn’t need coaxing. And tonight she picked up her violin and was playing the pattern her teacher has given her. That was an all time first so even though it was past her bedtime, I let her do twice through and when she asked me to play with her once, I couldn’t say no. When I tucked her in, she said she wanted to play with a group too and she wanted to make me proud.

No doubt we will have some less exciting days but this one was great. :D

Thanks again.

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