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said: Apr 3, 2007
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I write an online blog about my violin teaching ( I usually record the lessons I teach so I can have solid reference of what I and my students do.

So I was thinking about updating the blog with podcasts from the stuff I record, however I was wandering if it’s a violation to my students’ privacy. Although their identities are hidden on the blog anyways, this might still be an issue!

What do you guys think?!


Jennifer Visick said: Apr 3, 2007
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If their voices are on the recording, definitely get the permission of your students first.

In some places in the world, and in some cases, it is illegal to publicly post a likeness (image, sound, or both) of a private person without their consent. (”Private person” in this case means someone who is not already a public political figure or a public personality such as a tv celebrity). Sometimes it is only illegal if you are posting scandalous or alleged or libelous information about them; other times, it is illegal if you are somehow using their likeness to advertise your business, etc.

Even if it is not illegal in your town or state, it is courteous to ask first.

There are also certain unfortunate special situations to consider where your student’s safety may be at stake if you publicly make known their (approximate) whereabouts. (Think witness protection program, or, more likely, a part of a family which has moved away from an abusive family member). Even if their identity is not stated, a voice can easily be recognized by those who know it well, and I would not be surprised if a podcast can be tracked to the physical location from which it was uploaded to the internet.

said: Apr 3, 2007
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I don’t think their voices will be on the podcasts, just their violin playing…Should I still take permission?!

Connie Sunday said: Apr 3, 2007
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Mahmoud, forgive me, but what I see on your blog are a lot of blog entries with childrens’ first names. Since you indicate what city you’re in (Cairo), I’m not really comfortable with that, at all, and I suspect the parents might not be, either.

It is unfortunate that we live in a society which has some very unpleasant individuals in it, with character defects that would allow them to hurt children. I don’t mean to put down your efforts, which are admirable in intent, I am sure, but I just don’t think that including students’ names on a blog is safe or wise.

I think you absolutely have to protect the identity of children—of all students, for that matter—and though I’m unfamiliar with the legal aspects of this in Egypt, I suspect that there are legal precedents there, as there are here in the states, that support the anonymity of students from being perhaps some would say, exploited by their teachers online.

I know that you don’t mean to exploit them; I’m sure beyond a doubt that your intentions are good. I just think you should think more in terms of security and be less trusting, in posting first names online.

Just my .02 …let me amend this by saying that I do not mean to be harsh or unkind, it’s just the unfortunate truth that we live in a world where people hurt children, and children must be protected at all costs. I’ve sure this never even occured to you, Mahmoud, but I’m fairly certain that circumstances in Egypt are not all that different than the US with respect to the existence of these sorts of issues.

My very best wishes to you,


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said: Apr 3, 2007
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Hi, I´m not a teacher but I have a child who is attending to violin classes. I consider, that if our teacher decided to record the lessons and she didn´t ask permission for that, I´ll definitely look for another teacher. For security reasons, I don’t want videos o photos of my child over the internet, and I think it’s a violation of our privacy. If someone , wants to advertise her business, you have to ask permission for that, and in my case, I’d surely say No. What would you feel if a parent record the class and sell the videos or put them on internet?

said: Apr 3, 2007
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Ok, so the students’ names on the blog are fake of course! I indicated that in the “About Me” ( post. I respect my student’s privacy and that’s why I was asking about the podcasts. By the way, no Egyptian guy is called Mike or Malone for that matter :D

I didn’t take permission to record the lessons for my own personal use (I want to have some sort of a reference to how they were playing and improving)—Nobody else listens but me and I don’t keep all the records, just the interesting ones!

Also, the blog is not to advertise my violin teaching (According to webstats, no body from Egypt reads the blog amyways :) )

Decision?! Well, I guess I’ll have to take permission to put the “Interesting Recordings of My Students’ Violin Playing” (not their own voices) on the internet…


Connie Sunday said: Apr 4, 2007
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…the students’ names on the blog are fake of course! I indicated that in the “About Me” ( post.

Oh, okay; I see that. I’m sorry. That’s smart. :)

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