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Connie Sunday said: Jan 31, 2007
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Good morning:

If you have a music webpage assoicated with strings and piano pedagogy—or know of one—which has an RSS feed, and would like to add that feed to the collection at:

Please write me at [javascript protected email address], and I’ll be happy to add the feed to the page. Feeds aassociated with conducting, musicology, performance practice, and music education generally, can be added.



What is an RSS feed?

First, you get some free feedreader software such as Feedreader. You can put this on your PC or lap, and also other small peripherals, such as phones and PDA’s. THEN, you “subscribe” to the pages that interest you—which is why I’m collecting RSS feeds on violin, viola and piano, etc.

THEN, whenever anything new happens on any of these pages, the new stuff comes into your feedreader. You don’t have to visit each of these pages, every day…

Most major publications have RSS newsfeeds now: NY Times, LA Times, Scientific American, and all sorts of pages, too. Any time you see that little XML box or the RSS icon, there is a feed you can subscribe to.

It’s a time and money saver. From a professional standpoint, it’s used to keep current on the up-to-the-minute news in whatever your field may be. It’s all over the place.

A lot of YahooGroups have them; if the moderator chooses to add an RSS feed, then anyone can read the group messasges, subscribed or not. If they’re not subscribed, they can’t write to the list, but they can read it. I have it on all five of my groups, and I think viola list has it, but some groups don’t because the people on the group and/or the moderator wants to keep a modicum of privacy.

It’s especially nice to have if you’re traveling and don’t want to pull out your lap, but just keep up on a PDA.

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