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said: Jan 17, 2007
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Hello everyone. I am a traditional piano teacher, with seven years experience. I play Suzuki violin (Bk 4) and viola (Bk2) and I want to get teacher training in paino.

I am hoping someone could give me some insight as to video aduitions and what to expect.



Laura said: Jan 18, 2007
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Hi Alice,

Unfortunately I can’t tell you much except from my own experience. (Statistical sampling of 1!)

I passed the audition using an old camcorder set up on a tripod at home. No professional sound equipment was used, and it definitely looked like a home video. I just made sure that I did the best rendition of the audition piece that I could.

I believe that they are looking for a performance-standard level of playing, with technical ease and a reasonable musical interpretation. You’re not supposed to play like a student if you’re the teacher. One person told me that to pass the basic audition (the Beethoven), it’s supposed to be at an equivalent standard to a Bachelor’s degree. The higher audition (the Mozart) is supposed to be equivalent to a Master’s degree standard.

I humbly offer that my own playing isn’t spectacular—I won’t be gracing any concert halls near you, but I did play to a high level in the past, and still feel competent enough both technically and musically to play and teach Suzuki repertoire and beyond, properly. Or to put it another way, I passed with what I would consider “highly decent” playing—but I am not on the level of a performing concert artist.

They only tell you if you passed or failed the audition. Since I passed, I unfortunately can’t tell you how close I was to failing. :)

For whatever that was worth, I hope you find it helpful.

said: Jan 24, 2007
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Thanks for replying. This is something that I really want, and I was wondering if you or anyone else out there might have some tips to help me learn it better?


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