5 year old behavior in group class/Suzuki public school


Marta said: Nov 22, 2006
Marta Hernandez
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I just started a Suzuki Program at the school I work. I have nine 1st to 3rd grade students and 8 kindergarten students divided in four half hour classes. For the older students everything is running well but for the kindergarten I cannot say the same. Three of them do not focus well and jump and play around interrupting the pace of the others. The hardest thing for me is that these three are the SCHOOL DIRECTOR, and two other teacher’s children. I feel insecure about my teaching after having a successful studio and do not know what to do with them. I asked the to observe other lessons and it was a disaster. The teacher’s want their children to quit. It is embarrasing for me. Please help me.


Kirsten said: Nov 22, 2006
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If I understand this right from your description, I think you have 4 or 5 students sharing a 1/2 hour lesson. Is this correct?

It seems to be more practical to have 3 students share a 45 minute lesson. This may mean that in a period of 45 minutes, a child will have 5 minutes with you, 10 minutes with a coloring book, 5 minutes with you, 10 minutes with a puzzle and 15 minutes doing some kind of group activity. Or it could mean that each child gets a 15 minute lesson with you, and can quietly play with a coloring book or puzzle while listening to the lessons of the two others (master class style.) I think some quiet activities need to be available for this age group, because just sitting around watching other kids take lessons does not really appeal to most kids.

If you try to divide too little time between two many children, the children will become restless and bored. The older ones will be conditioned to be more polite about it, but the younger ones will give you serious problems.
It is kind of like overstocking a fish tank with too many fish. The laws of nature just take over, and you end up with an unhappy situation.


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