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Christine said: Oct 5, 2006
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Does anyone have any experiences teaching a child (their own or a student) who has ADD? Although I’ve always suspected so, my 8 year old child was just confimed for ADD. She’s in book2 and making slow but steady progress. She enjoys it moderately. I’m wondering about the long term…will she just become more frustrated as the pieces become longer and more difficult? I know “every child can” learn, but is the process ever more damaging than beneficial to self esteem? This child has to work much harder at learning to read, write, and learn in general; am I adding to her struggles.

Kirsten said: Oct 8, 2006
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Hi Christy,

I am the mother of a learning disabled child too. My 16 year old is autistic.
My son has taught me and my family so many things. Every day I still have to tell myself not to worry, and just to take things one day at a time. He is a wonderful young man, but when he was a child I often had to take life one MOMENT at a time.

My son does not play an instrument, and never has, but his life has been greatly influenced by Dr. Suzuki because mine has been. And my son LOVES music. He sings like a lark (with a very bass voice) and is crazy about Neil Diamond!

I am in awe of the genuine commitment Suzuki had to the unique ability of each child. When my son was in my womb I think I had dreams about his being a great cellist. His ability lies in making people smile, and saying crazy off the wall things just because he knows he can get away with it. It is a different form of artistic expression than playing Bach, but just as much of an expression of the soul.

The only way you can really benefit from the gift of Suzuki’s life philosophy is to stay in it! Be willing to measure progress in millimeters if you need to. Don’t be afraid of your child experiencing frustration. All children experience frustration as an important part of learning, unless their well meaning parents try too hard to protect them from it.

If you have not read Suzuki’s book “Ability Development from Age Zero,” I think you might find it very helpful.


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