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Caroline Salisbury said: Aug 31, 2020
Caroline SalisburyInstitute Director
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Viola
San Gabriel, CA
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To our colleagues on the SAA board, and the membership at large,

Guided by the vision of our mentor, Dr. Suzuki, our movement is rightly embracing the ways we can improve our organization so that Every Child Can, Every Teacher Can, and Every Parent Can by addressing and repairing systemic inequalities that divide people from marginalized racial groups away from accessibility and opportunity.

Undoing generations of inequality is something we all must do at individual and communal levels by raising our racial literacy to understand and speak about the issues with fluency, and by raising our racial stamina to stay involved in difficult conversations.  As we build our racial literacy and stamina, our community (teachers, trainers, parents, board members) will be better equipped to bring about transformational change in our organization as a whole.

Our membership, teachers, teacher trainers, board members and parents need support for developing racial literacy and stamina.  Adding training to the ECC course would be an excellent step to ensure all new teachers and parents in our movement are properly oriented to our values!

As a precursor to transformative action in our institution, a critical component for developing literacy and stamina is to honor the leadership of the members on the Advisory Committee on Race.  Without having teachers from racial minority groups (Black, Indigenous, or People of Color) in positions of leadership and closer to the nexus of decision-making power, our racial justice initiatives are just repackaging existing inequality. We must radically change our systems from the inside out, not only our feelings and rhetoric.   

The invaluable perspective and willingness to lead our progress offered up by Marla Majett, Carolina Borja, and Andrea Kelley is a gift to our whole community. Their leadership must be respected, their recommendations must be followed, and they should be honored for their time and dedication. Though the members of the committee have not sought remuneration for their labor, best practices today include compensating Black, Indigenous and other Peoples of Color for their time and labor to bring racial diversity to councils addressing racial inclusivity in institutions. 

It is unacceptable for our board leadership to promote solutions or programs regarding racial inclusivity or in building racial literacy and stamina in our community that have not been made in full collaboration with the members of our ACR. Additionally, the members of the ACR should have institutional power to lead all further initiatives and make recommendations for wide and lasting impact.

Beyond our systemic improvements to the organization at large, as led by members of the ACR, all teacher members, including trainers, must be engaged in individual transformation by building personal literacy and stamina.  We can build our literacy with the following process: with intentional empathy and without fragility, Listen – Learn – Change – Act.

We can LISTEN to teachers from marginalized racial groups by reading and watching their words and perspectives. We LEARN by looking for ways to be impacted by what we hear. We CHANGE by internalizing what we hear, LISTEN to, and LEARN, and invite an improvement of heart, thought, and behavior. We ACT by letting this change inform our behavior to do less harm today than we did yesterday.  Repeat today, tomorrow, and forever.

A key component of Dr. Suzuki’s genius was his drive for innovation – in how he embraced a “New Idea!”  We honor his memory when we innovate and create new ideas based on new information. With the guidance from our ACR, we can innovate our movement with better ideas to nurture with love the communities we have traditionally underserved.  We plead with our leaders and membership to respect the authority, wisdom and expertise of the generous teachers on the ACR by following their recommendations and supporting their vision for a more inclusive SAA.

With hope and love,

  1. Caroline Salisbury
  2. Kristina Turner
  3. Julie Bamberger Roubik 
  4. Laura Reichardt Geissler
  5. Chloe Helene Groth
  6. Laurie Niles
  7. Jentry Barrett
  8. Ryan Caparella 
  9. Lisa Hansen
  10. Carole Kane 
  11. Christy Paxton
  12. Rachel Rennels 
  13. Laura Burgess
  14. Sophie Vitells Enloe
  15. David Strom
  16. Ángel Falú-García
  17. Maya Killtron
  18. Hannah Shuman
  19. Cicely Nelson
  20. Beth Guerriero
  21. Gretchen Judge 
  22. Shulamit Kleinerman
  23. Ashlie Skidmore
  24. Stephanie Judy
  25. Jennifer Yarbrough
  26. Meret Bitticks
  27. Kenesha Ryce
  28. Nicolette Solomon-van Wyck
  29. Kristin Jutras 
  30. Karen Bailey
  31. Abigail Shiman
  32. Carmen Evans 
  33. Jodie St. Clair 
  34. Kari Lapins 
  35. Erin Ellis 
  36. Nonie Reesor
  37. Jennifer Turbes
  38. Adrienne Caravan 
  39. Gretchen Grube 
  40. Tamara Gonzalez
  41. Laura Nerenberg 
  42. Mariel Pagán Jiménez
  43. Stacy Smith
  44. Karla Berglund Hughes 
  45. Daniel Gee Cordova 
  46. Cecilia Calvelo-Hopkins
  47. Calida Jones
  48. Chenoa Alamu
  49. Sarah Washburn
  50. Julie Carew
  51. Jessica Retana
  52. Zachary Carcella-Sweet
  53. Laura Sciavolino 
  54. Jeni Martens
  55. Kate Einarson 
  56. Lauren Smee
  57. Heather Hadley
  58. Grace Youn 
  59. Jane Anabe
  60. Sarah Hart
  61. Marion Goodrich
  62. Daphne Benichou
  63. Desiree Abbey
  64. Diana Golden
  65. Laura Sinclair
  66. Rebekah Hanson
  67. Rebecca Floyd
  68. Linda Piatt
  69. Lenni Jabour
  70. Erin Ratzlaf
  71. Aminda Asher
  72. Bryony Stroud-Watson
  73. Greg Noland
  74. Jennifer Law Gray
  75. Charlie Savot
  76. Karyn Grove
  77. Catherine Mickelson 
  78. Laura Jauregui
  79. Natalie Brejcha 
  80. Christy Libbus
  81. Megan Crawford
  82. Elizabeth Erickson
  83. Diana Vira
  84. Mark Mutter
  85. Carey Alain Cheney
  86. Julie Bickel
  87. Rebekah Waggoner
  88. Lindsay Serdar
  89. Laura Shaw
  90. Erin Cano
  91. Ellie Glorioso-Wible 
  92. Connor Bell
  93. Melissa Solomon
  94. Lauren Cless
  95. Katherine Sullivan
  96. Carol Waldvogel
  97. Alex Revoal
  98. Debra Spencer
  99. Karen Roth
  100. Christine Faught
  101. Jay Pike
  102. Kerri Laurence Williams
  103. Debra Smoller
  104. Deborah Inman
  105. Anne Marie Huber 
  106. Gretchen Seaver Lee
  107. Marisa Wissman
  108. Emily Connolly
  109. Mary Horst
  110. Charles Krigbaum
  111. Jennifer Moberg Pforte
  112. Aria Hartley
  113. Daina Volodka Staggs
  114. Annette Lee
  115. Ann Montzka Smelser
  116. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  117. Sasha Garver
  118. Angela Thompson
  119. Benjamin Salisbury
  120. Nora Friedman 
  121. Tal Schifter
  122. Sarah Burden Lang
  123. Julie Schmidt
  124. Emma Pease-Byron
  125. Allyson Denise Walker
  126. Cecilia Pinto Canelo 
  127. Abbey Hansen
  128. Susan Sophocleus
  129. Mary Bassett Shemon 
  130. Mary Grant
  131. Lillie Manis
  132. Mary Walters
  133. Miya Kunin-Jeske
  134. Katie Lawton Carpenter
  135. Rebekah Blackner
  136. Corina Santos
  137. Amara Sperber
  138. Wendy Seravalle-Smith 
  139. Jan Janz
  140. Alicia Randisi-Hooker
  141. Russell Fallstad
  142. Lisa Humphrey
  143. Andrea Prewett
  144. Jessica Jankauskas
  145. Fabio Dos Santos
  146. Stephanie Sims Flack
  147. Angela Robertson
  148. Annabel Moynihan
  149. Kristen Tourville Wyatt
  150. Jean Dexter
  151. Mengwei Shen
  152. Susan Gagnon
  153. Shinobu Saito
  154. Meg Risso
  155. Kate Jones
  156. Jenny Mendoza
  157. Cindy Kriehn Malmin
  158. Genevieve Schrim-Joyce
  159. Luciana Arraes
  160. Stephanie Ruddy
  161. Karianne Waterland
  162. Kelli Fitzgerald Ingels
  163. Vanamali Medina
  164. Meg Lanfear Kelso
  165. Luciana Castillo
  166. Elizabeth Cunha
  167. Renata de Lemos Miranda Jordao
  168. Susan Beth Barak
  169. Sue Garber
  170. Stephanie Bramble Chevalier
  171. Margie Karp
  172. Adrianna Khoo
  173. Sarah Harrington

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