13 year old beginning piano student


Melissa said: Aug 30, 2006
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I need advice. I have a 13 year older student that I’ve had for 6 months or so. Loves piano, seems to like Suzuki (playing by ear, learning good technique) but I feel she needs to move a little faster. I definately want her to start reading music. I’m frustrated with teaching her like I would my 5 year olds. She is currently half way through book 1. Does have good techinique, but does not listen like she should. My question is this: Do any Suzuki piano teachers have any older students and what “Method” book (if any) would you recommend that is not insulting to their intellegence (or mine). This is why I like the Suzuki rep so well, it’s real music. But I want this student to not be in the same group of learning the same pieces as my little ones. This 13 year of mine is a big girl for age too, looks more like 16. So HELP! Any suggestions would most welcome. Thank you much in advance.

Just noticed I posted in wrong forum. Will post this in Teacher’s Forum!

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