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Maria said: Aug 28, 2006
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Hello! My son will be presenting Minuet 2 for next year’s graduation. We just recorded it, as he’s already working on the second piece of Book 3 and it seemed we shouldn’t wait any longer…(He worked on it at workshop this summer…)
Any advice on what to expect as far as how the teacher’s evaluate the performances? Do they listen to the pieces without knowing age/length of time student has played the instrument? How are student’s chosen to play at the graduation ceremony?
Any input would be much appreciated.

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Jennifer Visick said: Aug 30, 2006
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Every geographic area has slightly different “graduation” policies, (that’s if there is an organized multi-studio graduation at all!). If you give a location (major city, e.g., Los Angeles area, or some other place), then you might get a better response.

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