Suggestions of Non-Suzuki recordings of Suzuki repertoire?

said: Aug 18, 2006
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I thought it would be worth posting this as a separate topic, although it has been inspired by a recent discussion of exposure/introduction to non-Suzuki (often more ‘grown up’) versions of Suzuki repertoire.

Sometimes it’s hard to chase up certain pieces, particularly as the books often don’t give details of exactly where that gavotte or minuet came from in the first place! I know other times people stumble upon recordings quite by chance.

I’d love to hear everyone’s suggestions of recordings they have discovered. My particular interest is the violin repertoire, but I’m sure others would be interested in piano, flute, cello, etc. as well. :D

Charles Krigbaum said: Aug 20, 2006
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Rachel Barton was mentioned in the other site and I just wanted to add that she has recorded the Handel Violin Sonatas (that appear in Suzuki Volumes 6 & 7). They are heavily ornamented in her version and in my opinion delightful. I’m sure a purist or two out there will degrade her improvisations as not authentic or not really baroque, but the music just sounds so alive and beautiful in her hands. I’ve used some of her ideas to liven up the 3rd movement of the D major sonata (which is incredibly dull without a little pizzaz).

Hilary Hahn’s Bach concerti and amazing as well. Her Bach a minor 3rd movement is so FAST, but I love it!!

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said: Aug 21, 2006
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Itzhak Perlman’s “Bits and Pieces” (EMI} has La Folia and the Fiocco Allegro.

Great Performances-Johann Sebastian Bach (CBS Records) has Perlman and Isaac Stern playing the Bach Double plus Stern playing the Bach Concerto#1 in a minor.

Virtuose ViolaKonzerte (Koch Schwann) has the J.C. Bach viola concerto and the Stamitz Viola Concerto in C Major.

Jennifer Gray said: Aug 21, 2006
Jennifer Gray
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Andrew Manze does a wonderful Handel sonata recording on Hyperion.

said: Aug 22, 2006
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I’ve found a number of them by using the “power search” function on iTunes. You can enter the composer’s name and any fragment of the title—and you will get a list of all the recordings by various artists available on iTunes. You can even listen to a snippet of each one before you make a choice (useful because iTunes doesn’t always list the movement, you think you’re getting the entire concerto and then you find out you only got the second movement). I think the first one I found this way was Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg’s Humoresque, but there are many more …. Oistrakh playing Bach Double,,,,etc. You can also search by your favorite artists and see a list of recordings available on iTunes—since you can buy the pieces individually for 99 cents, it’s very economical way to compile a little “alternative” Suzuki recording.

said: Aug 23, 2006
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Brian Lewis’s Hot Canary CD has several pieces from the higher books as well as a lot of other fun and interesting violin literature.

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Ashley said: Aug 24, 2006
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The “encore” series “Bach Violin Concertos” (EMI) has Perlman and Zukerman playing the Bach Double and Perlman playing the Bach Concerto in A minor.

Heidi said: Aug 24, 2006
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Lara St. John also has a cd of the Bach Double and Bach A minor concertos (plus the E major concerto and G minor solo sonata).

Noel Chignell said: Aug 10, 2012
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Takako Nishizaki’s ” Suzuki Evergreen ” recordings are delightful and are accompanied by Terence Dennis on piano and also various other soloists and ensembles . These show real professional musicianship and offer both the simple ”Suzuki” versions and the original full versions.

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