Need Info about Subject text book using the Suzuki Philosophy


said: Aug 11, 2006
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Hi. I’m interest to get information of a subject text book used for teach regular classes(like math) in elementary level, I need the name of the book or maybe the name of the editorial that working on it. The reason that I interested is because I know that they use the Suzuki Philosophy and his Method as a base of the curriculum for that book. The name of the text book serie’s is Captain… something (Sorry, I do not remenber the name) and it is for subjects like Math and others, this is not a regular music book curriculum, is very important to get in mind that. I’m doing a research for a Master Degree thesis and need this information for contact them. If you know something I really appreciate it your information. I obtained the information of the book in this Forum on 2003. One of the members gave me the information when I was inquired about the use of the Philosophy of Suzuki and his Method beyond the music in other disciplines areas. Somebody told me the information thar I need and then an editor of the series book answer me in the forum exposition. That was two different person that know about the book. Can you tell me, Do you recognize the name of the book or something in the information that can help me in some way? Please help me. Waiting deseperately for you response. :(


said: Aug 24, 2006
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Please if anyone know something about this book, let me know I need the information for include them in my research as a very important reference.
I’ll try searching on the website but nothing found it. I’m still waiting. I know that somebody got the information, because in this forum was where I founded. Thanks.


Jennifer Visick said: Aug 30, 2006
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I have never heard of this particular textbook (or books). However, it sounds intriguing—if you find anything out, please let us know on this site! Thanks

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