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Rosita said: Aug 5, 2006
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Can anyone refer me to writings on the application of Dr. Suzuki’s pedagogical principles to the teaching of adults or to teaching in other fields besides music? I’m a struggling doctoral student (as well as a parent of 7 and 12 year old Suzuki violinists) longing for the type of nurturance that the best Suzuki practitioners use to motivate, inspire and coach their students. I am hoping that by reading something written by Dr. Suzuki on teaching adults I can in a sense receive some “nurturance” from him that I can then apply to my own miserable scholastic strivings.

Thank you!

Kirsten said: Aug 6, 2006
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You may have it on your bookshelf. If you have not read Nurtured by Love for a while, read it again.

The book is like a diamond, with many facets. It may have meant one thing to you when your kids were younger, or if you were only thinking about it in the context of your kids. It will hopefully take on a different meaning if you read it for yourself.


Rosita said: Aug 6, 2006
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Thank you, Kirsten. Believe it or not, I have only dipped briefly into other peoples’ copies over the years but but don’t in fact own one. I will get one as soon as possible. I do however keep a portrait of Dr. Suzuki by my computer for moral support!

Melissa said: Aug 6, 2006
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Another wonderful book written by close friend and piano accompanist of Dr. Suzuki as well as pioneer of the Suzuki piano method is Haruko Kataoka’s book titled “Sensibility and Education.” It is right along the lines you are talking about.
Unfortunately, the way our eductaion system is designed supresses our inner child and our natural way of learning; this book supports and acknowledges this, giving examples through interesting life experiences of Dr. Kataoka’s and others.

Rosita said: Aug 7, 2006
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Thank you for another good lead. I have myself encountered some excellent writings on this topic by educational psychologist Frank Pajares who has done much research into academic success in adolescents (and also adults):

“Nearly two decades of research has revealed that self-efficacy beliefs are strong determinants and predictors of academic accomplishment. How students perform can often be better predicted by their beliefs about their own capabilities than by what they are actually capable of accomplishing. Findings also suggest that the efficacy beliefs of teachers are related to their instructional practices and to their students’ achievements and psychological well-being. Efficacious teachers create classroom climates in which academic rigor and intellectual challenge are accompanied by the emotional support and encouragement necessary to meet that challenge.” (from First Person: Frank Pajares on Nurturing Academic Confidence. http://www.des.emory.edu/mfp/Nururing Academic Confidence.html)

I think this corresponds closely to Dr. Suzuki’s principles which to my mind are not adequately recognized and cited by learning theorists and academicians outside of music.

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