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Marcia said: Aug 7, 2020
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Tulsa, OK
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I have been teaching violin on line due to the pandemic. I have heard there are apps that have capabilities of interaction where I could play duets with students. Does anyone know of apps where this is possible?
Thank you

Danielle said: Aug 8, 2020
Danielle Dotson
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Balwyn North, VIC, Australia
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You cannot actually play a duet in the same way as in person, but a few of the more uncomplicated ideas:

  1. your student is on mute, and you play the piece and they play along. You can’t hear it, but you can get a decent idea of e..g. if they get the bowing right. This is good for group lessons too. When I do this (on Skype, usually) I often record it for them. It only records me, not the student on mute. Then they have the video to play along with at home. They have to watch me on the recording, not themselves (time lag).

  2. your student is on mute and you play the duet part. Again, you can’t hear them. Make a video and they can practice it at home, as above.

  3. Play (melody, harmony or accompaniment) as an audio or video file and email it to them. They play that on a different device and play along with it, and then you can hear it as a duet. This works well for online concerts too.

A Capella and other apps can be good but quite time-consuming to get things worked out. I tend to avoid assigning things that will take parents/students a lot of time above normal practise. Or even require more and more downloads. If they want to spend the time, great. But I don’t ask it.

Danielle Dotson

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