The Suzuki Social Justice THINK TANK Convenes!

Clara Hardie said: Aug 4, 2020
Clara Hardie
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Detroit, MI
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Let’s recenter social justice from the margins to the heart of music education! Join us for either or both Zoom events on:

  1. Thursday 8/6 8:30-10pm EST
  2. Saturday 8/8 1-2:30pm EST

Let’s collaborate in the evolution of a globally-loved pedagogy and teaching approach that has nurtured peoples’ hearts for over 70 years! We can all learn from each other. This event is open to ALL music teachers; invite your friends.


With our first Zoom events this month, the Suzuki Social Justice Think Tank (SSJTT) will establish itself as an independent think tank offering practical solutions for individual Suzuki teachers (& beyond!) to nurture diversity, equity and inclusion ASAP in their own studios.

Why wait?

  • Learn and/or offer up practical solutions for individual Suzuki teachers & beyond.

  • Share your ideas through the in-meeting chat or apply to speak for 8 minutes.

  • Afterwards, you’ll be able to immediately apply new ideas that will nurture your studio with diversity, equity and inclusion!

Meet your hosts! Clara Hardie & Bruce Walker.

Clara Hardie cofounded the Suzuki-inspired violin studio Detroit Youth Volume in 2010 at a soup kitchen. She is raising her two-year-old twins on an urban prairie near the heart of the city. Clara created Youth Volume, a framework of social justice teaching & studio practices for Suzuki teachers and beyond. Request info about her January 2021 online teacher training at Clara also enjoys river swimming and Ashtanga yoga.

Bruce Walker cochairs the Advisory Committee on Race with the Suzuki Association of the Americas. He works as an Associate Professor of Music at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, WA, Music Director for the Yakima Youth Symphony in Yakima, WA, and is President of the Washington state chapter of the American String Teachers Association. Bruce enjoys hiking and traveling around the Pacific Northwest, enjoying time outside around a BBQ pit and smoker sampling new culinary creations, or shopping for and admiring argyle socks.

About the Suzuki Method:

“In 1945, Suzuki began his Talent Education movement in Matsumoto, Japan shortly after the end of World War II. Raising children with “noble hearts” (inspired by great music and diligent study) was one of his primary goals; he believed that people raised and “nurtured by love” in his method would grow up to achieve better things than war.”

Please note, these short Think Thank gatherings are NOT comparable to an anti-racist or Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training. A training such as “Undoing Racism”, provided by the People Institute for Survival & Beyond, last an intensive 2-days from 9am-5pm. Here’s a 1-minute video about the relevance of engaging in an Undoing Racism workshop, for example.

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