Should we get a new teacher???


Christine said: Jul 14, 2006
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said: Jul 15, 2006
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I think that if you are unhappy with the kind of education your son is getting right now, you should definitely think about switching teachers. But, if he is learning at a steady pace, and you’re only thinking about switching cause it’s “time for a change,” then I think you should rethink that decision. I have been taking lessons for 11 years and have been through probably about 6 or 7 teachers. This constant switching started when my first (and best) teacher moved away. In the town I live in, it is extreamily hard to find a good violin teacher (suzuki or not) without driving for 2 hours in any direction. I have had many experiences with bad teachers, so in my opinion, if you can find a better teacher than the one you have now, go for it, but don’t put your son through that change without really thinking it through first.

I really regret not finding a good teacher sooner because I never got the chance to build a connection with any of my teachers after the first moved away. Having a good relationship is very important because it establishes trust and friendship between the teacher and student.

Is your son ever shy around new people? If he is, I would definitely encourage you too keep your son at the same teacher as long as you can. Shy students tend to work better with people they know than those they don’t. Moving him in this instance could set him back a few weeks because he may not be as cooperative durring the lesson times.

Either way, before making the decision to change teachers, tell your concerns to the one you’re at now. How is she to know you are unhappy with the lessons, if you don’t tell her? You can bring this up as a question in one of your son’s lessons. Say “I’ve noticed that there a lot of details my son is missing durring his practice time. Should we be worried about those now or later on?”

Christine said: Jul 15, 2006
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said: Jul 15, 2006
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Since you say you have very little musical knowledge, I think it is important for you to increase your level of knowledge so you can make good decisions for your son. Read, read, read, and talk to other parents and take a lot of notes at your son’s lessons and ask questions when you don’t understand something.

I don’t think a switch is productive unless you have first talked to the current teacher about your goals and about your home practice environment. I also think a switch leads to disaster when you don’t know exactly what you want BEFORE you make the switch. What kind of a teacher do you want for your son? What kind of approach elicits the best response from him? What are your short-term and long-term goals for his music education? I also suggest interviewing teachers and observing their private and group lessons before making a decision. I also think it’s a good idea to get some phone numbers of current and former students from a prospective teacher—you can get a very clear picture of a teacher’s approach by talking to his or her students and/or parents. Ask very specific questions—ask what they like best about the teacher. Ask what they find difficult about working with the teacher. Find out how much parent education the teacher provides. A good teacher will gladly give out this information and a good teacher should require you to observe lessons before you join the studio. This is a long-term relationship, a costly one at that, so the responsibility for ensuring the best fit lies with the parent. A quick switch isn’t going to solve any of the problems.

Melissa said: Jul 18, 2006
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