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said: Jun 9, 2006
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Does anyone have a good review schedule that rotates through all the pieces in Books 1 through 3 over a period of a week or ten days? I could create one myself, but thought I might not have to reinvent the wheel if someone else has done so. I want to be more methodical than I usually am now that my daughter has so much review ground to cover.


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Jennifer Visick said: Jun 14, 2006
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I saw something like this for sale at one of my local music stores—it was a sheet of paper with seven columns—as far as I could tell it merely listed all the pieces in order—listing piece #8 under piece #1 in the first column, #9 under #2 in the second column, etc. It came in a variety of colors, and was laminated for long use. The idea was that you play every piece in the first column that you know on day one, second column for day two, etc.

The store I saw it at was old town music in Pasadena, they have a website:

(although I’m not sure you’ll be able to find it on their website). It seemed easy enough to make for yourself—if you did that, you could add whatever supplementary songs you’ve learned as well as the suzuki pieces.

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