“Fun” music for an intermediate student.

Lizzy Anderson said: Jul 18, 2020
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Hi, I’m helping out a student who is in cello book 6. She is looking for some additional “fun” music to add to her practice during this time while we’re all spending so much time at home. We’ve tried a lot of the Disney/Broadway/Movie books that are out there, but most are just really easy. We’ve tried a few of the “101_____ for Cello” books, they are nice, but tend to be quite simplified versions of the songs. Does anyone know of anything like that, but for a more intermediate student? She wants to be able to pick them up and enjoy them without needing a ton of practice- but also not so easy that she quickly becomes bored with them. I know it’s not exactly comparable, but something closer to the Suzuki 4-5 range? This would be in addition to her Suzuki lesson books and method books.

Laurie Maetche said: Jul 22, 2020
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Being from Canada, we have the Royal Conservatory of Music and they have graded books available through them. You may order online. There is a mixture of styles and composers. From the old to newly composed and contemporary. The Breval from Suzuki book 4 is a piece at a RCM level 6.

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