Summer Challenge Idea’s

said: Jun 8, 2006
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Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of having a summer “challenge” for my students again this year (most of them don’t take summer lessons) and am interested to hear if you have any thoughts.

Instead of just a “practice for so many days” kind of thing, I wondered if it might be more fun to make “Bingo” boards. The board would have squares in it that said things like;

“Play 5 Miss. H. D.’s in a row. Check your bow hold.”
“Play the A+ scale, listen for ringing 3’s”
“Play Song of the Wind. Did you remember the echo?”
“Perform one of your pieces for family & friends”

The parent or another adult who heard the practice/review take place would then inital the correct box.

Anyway, I’m interested to hear if you like this idea, if you have suggestions for questions that I could put in the squares, how many “Bingo”s you think would be appropriate in order to complete the challenge. I’d even be interested to hear other challenge idea’s that have nothing to do with this one. It is good to know as many ways as possible to motivate!


said: Jun 15, 2006
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Well, tomorrow is my last day to work on this before I’m handing it out.

Do any of you have suggestions on topic’s or practice suggestions for the squares?

I’d be happy to hear anything you have. Another persons thoughts often stir the creative “juices” :confused: ;-) so to speak!


said: Jun 16, 2006
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Maybe throw in some listening tasks too? (Do you find your students forget to listen to their CDs over the summer, even if their practice is ok?)

Perhaps also give a couple of challenges to the parents—organise a family trip to a concert, organise an afternoon with some musical peers for an informal solo recital or ‘jam session’ and icecream cake… that sort of thing.

Here in Australia we have the end of the school year coinciding with Christmas, so I usually have musical suggestions for stocking fillers which can provide some inspiration over that long hot January. For the younger students I suggest they buy, say, the Book 6 CD—lots of fun to listen to, knowing that that music is in their future. For the older kids I often suggest things such as those ‘play along’ books which contain a CD—quite a few of my students have the ABBA one, and the disney ones are quite popular too. Great reading practice, and keeps the violin on the radar over the summer. Maybe you could suggest the parents offer something like this as a prize for achieveing a holiday challenge?

Sorry I don’t have time to write any more right now, but if you’re really stuck, offer a prize to the parent with the most creative ideas!!!

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