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Diana said: Apr 27, 2006
Diana UmilePiano
Coatesville, PA
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I would like to know what books and/or materials piano teachers use to teach note reading, and why those particular ones?

Melissa said: Apr 27, 2006
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I use “Methode Rose” Japanese/French Edition when starting note-reading.
I like it because it correlates so well with how Book 1 is taught.
Book 1 hand postitions are relative to hand postitions written in Methode Rose, so the transition to note-reading feels and sounds more natural. Methode Rose does not use a middle c approach and neither does Book 1.

What do you use?

Laura said: Apr 28, 2006
Suzuki Association Member
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Methode Rose… hey, I remember Methode Rose!

It’s evidently what I must have used as a young student. Reading your post completely jogged my memory. Does it have little kittens in it or something similar? I seem to remember that.

I didn’t know it was still available—if so, I should look it up.

said: Apr 29, 2006
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How about “Teaching Little Fingers to Play” My youngest child started on this method because we were already with a traditional piano teacher who we loved (she was using Faber method books with my two older children, but I didn’t find the Faber books appropriate for a 4-year-old). “Teaching Little Fingers to Play” is a combination of “rote and note” teaching and I think it could work well as a Suzuki supplement. Sigh—I’m still wishing we had gone the Suzuki route with piano as well as violin, but “Teaching Little Fingers” is an acceptable alternative.

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