“vibrating” bow


said: Apr 11, 2006
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It’s me again. THank you to who ever gave me the advice on my lifts and bouncing bow. Now I come to my next challenge.

I am having trouble with my bow, while I play. It vibrates and bounces at times. My last teacher adviced me to put more wieght or pressure on the strings with the bow. It did not help. I have tried putting less weight on and that helps, but the sound is so thin and weak.

Any advice????


Candace said: Apr 11, 2006
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I was just reading ‘Sharpen Your Tools’ by Jennifer Burton and it has sections called shaping the bow hand, bow control and another called bow arm. They explain the posture with good pictures and tell why each part is helpful. There is another section on relaxation and posture. I have found this book easy to understand and very helpful. Your studio might have this book or write [javascript protected email address].

said: Apr 12, 2006
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Try slowing your bow down, making sure it is parallel with your bridge (practice in front of a mirror to check it) and experimenting with weight—don’t think about adding “pressure”—to me, that word immediately causes tension in my body. Putting the natural weight of your arm into your bow will be PLENTY of wieght…this is coming from someone who weighs less than 100lbs! Check out ‘Basics’ by Simon Fischer—it is an excellent collection of ideas on technique with practical exercises that I use almost daily in my practice.
Best wishes for a smooth bow stroke!

said: May 25, 2006
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Thank you for the advice! I have been working in front of a mirror and I can’t believe the difference!!! THe only problem now is that I rely on the mirror. Is this ok? How will I learn to play with out it???


Laurel said: May 26, 2006
Laurel MacCulloch
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Langley, BC
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Your arm will learn how it feels to play that way. Maybe try playing with the mirror, then turn around and play without the mirror, and see if you get the same sound. If you can’t, just turn around again!


Community Youth Orchestra Of S CA said: May 29, 2006
 Violin, Viola
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Try watching your bow as you play to regulate your point of contact and bow angle. No mirror necessary. :)


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