Helpful Suzuki Violin Guide for violin students and self learners.

Y Jang said: Apr 30, 2020
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This Youtube channel has very helpful videos for the violin students who use the Suzuki Violin Method books.  Most of violin students stopped their violin lessons because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Students can keep up practicing violin with this without teacher next them. The videos show clear finger motions and postures. These are both FAST and SLOW speed version of each piece. There are all songs through Book 1 to Book 5.

SLOW tempo 

FAST tempo

Dijana said: Apr 30, 2020
Dijana Ihas
Suzuki Association Member
Viola, Violin
Portland, OR
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I was VERY excited to learn that videos aimed to assist young Suzuki violin students in learning during COVID 19 times are out there!! Very much needed tool and THANK YOU for all work on this!!! After viewing videos I am not sure I am feeling encouraged using them with my students as most of the points that we are suppose to teach with presented pieces are not visible/audible in videos (e.g., Bourrée “traveling bow” in crescendos), some of the most basic foundations are not modeled (e.g., the left-hand frame manifested in fourth finger staying above the string after lifted up instead of going to “curled position away from the fingerboard” which jeopardizes intonation and slows down learning shifting and vibrato), and almost as a rule intonation issues (e.g., 3rd and 4th fingers out of tune probably 70% of the time). This is said in the most respectful way and I am not going to make any comment on the YouTube channel as I respect this work!! (Also, I rarely give comments of this nature and the fact that I decided to do so points out the concern. Suzuki’s method, after being around for more than 60 years, deserves the best representation if it is to justify its reputation.)


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