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Nobuaki said: Sep 29, 2005
Nobuaki Tanaka
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Viola
Mount Prospect, IL
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Hello Suzuki teachers

How much do youcharge for the thirty minutes private lesson per week? Some people charge lower than other teachers and stilling students from other teachers. But if I charge too much, then no one will take lesson….

Diana said: Sep 30, 2005
Diana UmilePiano
Coatesville, PA
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Tuition fees vary greatly according to the cost of living in your area. In my area (Northeast US), the cost of living (housing, etc.) is fairly high, so most wages are relatively high. In places where cost of living is lower (South, Midwest maybe?) prices and wages may be lower. So it’s hard for us to compare on a national forum like this one. Personally, my fees are average or slightly lower than average for my area. You might want to call around to different teachers in your area to compare, and then set your fees according to your experience, education, etc.

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